Welcome to Issue 18, “Stronger Together”

Imprint has always been and will continue to be a student-run University of Central Florida magazine that serves to inform, empower, and entertain students, inspiring them to take action and leave a lasting change on both the UCF and Central Florida communities. A global pandemic won’t stop that service either, as our last issue represents just how tough our community can be when facing adversity in unique and challenging circumstances – still finding ways to connect with each other while physically apart.

While creating Issue 18 of Imprint, we tried building off of the inspiring resiliency that members of the UCF community have shown time and time again during 2020. Some of us have started to come back to the main campus for classes and restrictions are gradually lifting in various ways, but most lectures, events and meetings are still widely virtual, continuing to make it challenging to feel a sense of community and normalcy. For this reason we decided to highlight organizations and clubs around the university that recognize the strength in keeping us connected this year, especially those that are going above and beyond in taking measures to account for the effects of COVID-19.  This idea laid the foundation for our theme, “Stronger Together.”

Students from across UCF have come together to remember the purpose of their clubs and organizations, inform of the adjustments they have had to make to keep their community active and involved, and share personal accounts to remind the student population of the reasons these groups exist. What’s written in these articles reflect positivity, inclusivity, empathy and service – all ideals that the University of Central Florida encourages and supports. It’s also exactly the kind of thing we need to see while moving toward the new year.

It has truly been a pleasure for us to collaborate on this publication with great writers from across the university and learn about the groups that do so much for the community that we love. We hope that Issue 18 provides a base point for understanding all the amazing opportunities and people that UCF has in its clubs and organizations. We also hope that you find as much enjoyment reading it as we did creating it. 

Your Editors,

Ashley Rickman, Eli Valentin, and Jacob Willeford