The Getbye

by Alyssa Lieberman


Bare feet, big beards, and long talks of love are what make the band members of The Getbye stand out on stage. That, and the soul-shaking songs infused with a brotherly blend of vocals, chilling cello riffs, and an accompanying accordion.




The Getbye is an Indie/Folk band with an organic Gypsy vibe originating from Orlando, Florida. Formed in late 2009, The Getbye consists of brothers Kyle and Alex Smith, along with two close friends Alex Taylor and David Pendry. The Getbye has immersed itself in the Orlando music scene since their crowning as Orlando’s Next Big Thing and the “Best New Band of The Year.” It is impossible to speak of imprints and impression throughout Central Florida without mentioning the boys of The Getbye.


When asked what defines The Getbye guys, lead singer Kyle Smith smiled and said, “On both a group and an individual basis, we are just here to speak truth, love and peace to the people. We all have our own different beliefs, but we’re able to speak to everyone through the music.” As for their inspiration, all four of the boys agree, “It comes from God the King of Love.”


Their mission is simple: spread the spirit of love through a melodious mix of enlightening lyrics, heart-beating bongos, and a contagious charisma that captivates any and every audience. The Getbye’s music can be found on Reverbnation, YouTube, Facebook, and in venues all around Orlando.


The band members truly believe that, as Kyle stated, “People come from different walks of life, but there is a unity that is in all of us. We’re trying to show the unifying thread to people. And what better way than through the universal language of love and music.” After an interview filled with wise words and mellow music, all the guys of The Getbye had left to say was, “Love your neighbor.”


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