Reformed University Fellowship

by Mitchell Bosse

It can be hard to distinguish UCF’s many campus ministries from one another. However, most of these groups stand beside a specific denomination. RUF, which stands for Reformed University Fellowship, intentionally does not state which denomination it is associated with—although it is commonly supported by the Presbyterian church—and offers a unique worship and fellowship experience. RUF is led by campus minister, Lee Wright, who preaches a Gospel-oriented message every week. Throw in plenty of weekly fellowship opportunities, and RUF becomes a great opportunity to grow in Christ while making friends.

On a typical RUF large group night, RUFfians gather outside the meeting room to talk and hang out while the band typically runs over time with practice. Once they feel that they are ready, everyone is brought in and is greeted by a rather weird would-you-rather question. This question can range from, “Would you rather have everything you eat taste like shrimp or everything you drink taste like orange juice?” Or, “Would you rather be able to fly at 5 mph, or run continuously at 25 miles per hour?”

Once this ice breaker is finished and everyone is laughing, the band is brought up to worship. The set list usually includes hymns mixed in with some classic worship songs. This gives a different feel to worship, as opposed to the usual Christian pop that is played on the radio. The lyrics are deep, and the musicians are talented, making it easy to get lost in praise.

After a few songs, Lee comes up to give a message. During this semester, Spring 2017, Lee is talking about relationships (friends, family, and romance), but he has a different topic every semester. But regardless of the topic, he always manages to use quotes from the Bible to show that the message is what God’s Word says, rather than his own opinion.

After that, the band returns to close out the worship portion of the service. Before we leave, announcements are given, typically by two of the RUF students. These detail the upcoming events, conferences, and Bible studies while mixing in a generous portion of memes that the tech crew work tirelessly to supply the slides with.

And after it’s all said and done, there is always a post-large group gathering at the Lazy Moon to hang out, laugh hard, and eat pizza! This has been a staple tradition of RUF as it gives extra time for fellowship and a friendly atmosphere for newcomers.

So, how can you become involved in RUF? Well, there are a few simple ways that you can do that. First, like the Facebook page at RUF@UCF. There you will find all the data that you need: where and when we meet, reminders of Bible studies, and opportunities for random hangouts throughout the week.

So come on out and have some fun! If you’re worried about the fact that you aren’t too religious, that is why RUF doesn’t identify blatantly with a certain denomination. RUFfians realize that they are just a bunch of imperfect people who are going through life and college together. The ministry’s slogan calls it “a broken place for broken people.” So, regardless of your spiritual life, come make some friends and check out RUF!