Nooks and Crannies at UCF

by Giavanna Riscinti and Mandy Morley

Common Study Places

With a campus as large as UCF, there are numerous obvious places to go to for studying/quiet time. The library, the Reflecting Pond, and the Writing Center are just to name a few. But what about the more uncommon places around UCF? We go to school on a vast campus, where there are tons of nooks and crannies that go unnoticed. To help you find your preferred study/relaxation area, we have compiled an assortment of lesser known places on campus to check out.

Indoor Nooks and Crannies

 Trevor Colbourn Hall

First on our list is the new Trevor Colbourn Hall building, which many students have yet to fully explore. This is where the Writing Center resides, but there are several other places in this building that are perfect for studying.


On the first floor alone, there are these two separate seating areas. The first has individual desks like a classroom, with wheels allowing for much easier movement and set up. Meanwhile, the second is more like a restaurant booth, where you have one large table instead of many small ones. The overall table space is especially useful for working on projects with a group.


Additionally on the first floor, there’s a lounge area across from the Writing Center. This area can get a bit crowded at times, but you can always find seclusion in what we call “the Circle.” The circle is a unique feature of the new TCH building, so prop your feet up, plug in your headphones, and get some uninterrupted studying done!



If the first floor has too much activity for you to feel comfortable, this nice little set up is located on the second floor. The second floor gets less traffic, and these comfy chairs are sure to aid in some quiet relaxation/study time.




If true solitude is what you’re after, consider popping into one of these study rooms located on the second floor of TCH. These rooms are always reserved for faculty, but any time they are vacant, students are welcome to take advantage of them. It’s a bit like having your own personal suite, with the windows giving the illusion of open space, and it’s the epitome of a quiet place to study.


Student Union

The Student Union now has a student lounge area on the third floor. It can get crowded at times, but if you don’t mind some background noise, then this is a great place to meet up with fellow classmates and work on projects. It even features a skateboard rack for your convenience!

In addition to the new student lounge, these booths on the second floor of the Student Union are comfy, cozy, and wonderful for dining while getting some schoolwork done. Grab a hot meal, plug in your laptop, and type away!





Visual Arts Building


These booths are located on the second floor of the Visual Arts Building. The large windows provide natural lighting, which is great for studying. The art building has a peaceful atmosphere, with students often drawing or painting in the hallway, making for a soothing workspace.



Outdoor Nooks and Crannies

Burnett Honors

If you are more of an outdoorsy person, or if studying inside gets too stuffy, this is a great place to set up for a while. It’s right outside the Burnett’s Honors building and offers both table space and fresh air. One of the best features of this spot is that it is entirely shaded, meaning you can avoid the one downside to sitting outdoors in Florida – direct sunlight!



Health and Public Affairs


Enjoy serene seating between HPA 1&2 surrounded by nature. This area is for someone who likes the openness and fresh air of the outdoors but wants to feel privacy where they study. This beautiful spot is so enveloped by trees that it’s incredibly easy to walk right by without noticing it exists!




Business Administration

Finally, there is a lovely seating area between BA1 and BA2. This area is vast with many tables and while it can get filled up, it’s usually not very noisy. The architecture of the two buildings makes for an enjoyable atmosphere, as does the fun and unique rock-like benches!

It’s easy to miss these nooks and crannies while bustling from class to class, so try to take some time to explore our vast campus. There are many notable and delightful places yet to discover! In the meantime, though, we hope that this guide has inspired you to check out the places we’ve listed and provided you with a new potential nook to call your own.