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Emily Smeltz

Emily was born and raised in Lakeland, FL and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Polk State College (PSC). To pursue her long-term goal of becoming a college professor, in 2017, she was hired as a Tutor and Teacher’s Assistant at PSC for upper-level English and Business courses. In fall 2021, she was successfully hired as an Adjunct Professor for Webber International University and PSC. She is currently teaching English courses at both institutions. Also in fall 2021, she joined University of Central Florida’s (UCF’s) Library team to produce Strategies for Conducting Inquiry-Based Literary Research, an open-resource textbook for UCF professors. She continued her education and graduated with a master’s degree in English Technical Communications at UCF in December 2021.

Along with her passion for teaching, she also has a natural talent for media production and successfully built several professional websites. Additionally, she has a love for writing, film production, and social sciences. In the near future, Emily hopes to continue her academic career by applying for overseas PhD programs.