In an effort to reach new students across the university, the Department of Writing and Rhetoric is currently seeking a number of “Student Ambassadors.” We’re looking for students who have enjoyed their writing and rhetoric courses, and who would like to assist us in spreading the word about our programs, speaking at various UCF events about their educational experiences, and getting a sneak preview of new courses in our planned major.

Students should be passionate about writing, and eager to help students in different disciplines see the value in our certificate and minor degree programs.


  • Meetings: We will likely have two meetings each semester, one at the start of the semester (where we plot out what you would like to do, and/or what you are capable of doing over the course of the semester), and one at the end of the semester, where we share relevant department news (i.e. new course offerings, “sneak preview” of how our major is shaping up, faculty and student achievements, etc.) and solicit feedback about our department and its programs and events.
  • Symposium (Spring): Student Ambassadors will have the chance to be heavily involved with our department’s upper-division symposium, both in the marketing and the coordination of the event itself: to assist faculty with workshops and presentations, to interact with visiting speakers, and to speak with other students about their coursework.
  • Majors Fair (Spring): Student Ambassadors can sign up for shifts at the Spring Majors Fair, and—along with faculty members—interact with students, and share their experience in Dept. of Writing and Rhetoric courses.
  • Dept. of Writing & Rhetoric Open Houses: Student Ambassadors will also serve as our student representatives at informal open houses for our degree offerings, and share experiences with students looking to learn more. (We will only have Open Houses as needed.)
  • Classroom Visits: Every Spring, our faculty visit composition classrooms to share our department’s course offerings for the next semester(s). If interested in coming along to discuss your own experiences, we’d love to have you as part of our presentation.
  • Student Organization Presentations: As faculty, we often have a tough time interacting with students in their own spaces. We obviously don’t join student clubs and organizations. But it is our hope that Student Ambassadors can act on our behalf and share flyers about upcoming course offerings around registration time each semester.
  • Feedback on Department Marketing Efforts: We want our Student Ambassadors to be a sounding board on our efforts to reach the student population at UCF. Each semester, we’ll run our marketing efforts past the Student Ambassadors for feedback, and ideas and suggestions.


Contact Student Ambassador faculty advisor, Meeghan Faulconer ([email protected])