Reading and Writing Experience Survey

This survey will help you reflect on your reading and writing experiences in order to make a responsible decision about an appropriate first-year writing class. After you take the survey and submit your responses, you will receive a suggestion as to which class is best for you. Use this recommendation to help you make an informed choice about the writing class you will take.

CLICK on the link below to access the survey. When you are finished, PRINT the results page to bring with you to orientation.

Options for Your First Composition Course at UCF

ENC 1101 Composition I

ENC 1101 is a challenging course that introduces students to thinking about writing in new ways. This course will introduce you to the work of composition scholars and teach you to apply theoretical concepts to your own writing. In this class you will:

  • Read scholarly texts that are each 15 to 20 pages long
  • Write and meaningfully revise four essays longer than 5 pages during a semester
  • Research using a computer
  • Document sources to inform and support your claims
  • Write and revise using word processing software (e.g. MS Word)
  • Conduct primary research

ENC 1101 Sample Writing Assignment

ENC 1130 Improving College Writing

ENC 1130, like ENC 1101, introduces students to writing in the university. However, the pace of ENC 1130 is slower and the focus of the class is on developing the reading and writing skills you will need in ENC 1101. In this course you will:

  • Identify aspects of your writing to improve
  • Learn strategies for reading and comprehending difficult material
  • Learn strategies for revising your writing
  • Learn to be reflective about your reading and writing
  • Learn to use and cite sources in your papers

ENC 1130 Sample Writing Assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I earn credit for passing ENC 1130?

    A: Yes. When you successfully complete ENC 1130, you will earn 3 hours of elective credit. This credit counts toward graduation.

Q: Does ENC 1130 satisfy Gordon Rule Requirements?

    A: No. Students who take ENC 1130 will still have to meet all UCF Gordon Rule Requirements.

Q: If I successfully complete ENC 1130, will I still have to take ENC 1101?

    A: Yes. ENC 1130 is designed to help students develop the skills they will need to be successful in ENC 1101. All students have to earn credit for ENC 1101.

Q: Do all UCF students have this choice?

    A: Most students have this choice.

Students who earn an SAT Verbal score of 440 or higher OR earn an ACT Reading score of 18 and an ACT English score of 17 can choose whether to take ENC 1101 or ENC 1130 as their first writing course.

Students whose scores are lower than this will be retested at orientation. Students who are not able to score high enough on the retest will be required to take ENC 1130.