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Anne Bubriski

Anne Bubriski

Director, Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Social Inequalities, Intersectionality, Women and Leadership, Girls’ Studies, Service Learning

Leandra Preston-Sidler

Leandra Preston-Sidler

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: Gendered Bodies and Technology; Virtual Communities; Civic Engagement, Service Learning

Faculty Affiliates

Kim Anderson

Professor, Public Affairs
Research Interests: Assessment of trauma and recovery for survivors of violence, resilience and post-traumatic growth in trauma populations, intimate partner violence, digital storytellng as a trauma narrative intervention

Sonia Christine Arellano

Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric
Research Interests: Visual and material rhetorics, feminist and gendered rhetorics, and feminist pedagogy

Michael Armato

Associate Lecturer, Sociology
Research Interests: Intersections of gender, power, and violence

Amy J Barnickel

Lecturer, Writing and Rhetoric
Research Interests:
Art-making and writing, Gender, feminism, writing, cultural studies, caribbean literature, women’s studies, theatre and musical theatre

Martha Catherine Brenckle

Professor, Writing and Rhetoric
Research Interests: Queer Theory and FYW, Gender Studies and Feminist Theories, SOTL in Information Literacy and Undergraduate Research, Assessment, Fiction, Poetry

Alison Cares

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Campus sexual assault; intimate partner violence; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (So…

Shannon Carter

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Research Interests: Gender and Reproduction; Mothering; Breastfeeding; Peer Breast Milk Sh…

Robert Cassanello, (he/him/his)

Associate Professor, History
Research Interests: Social History, Southern History, Race, Gender, Historiography, Museum Studies, Exhibition…

Farrah Cato

Senior Instructor
Research Interests: Speculative Fiction; Magical Realism; Womanist Studies and Intersectional Femini…

Karina Cespedes

Associate Professor
Research Interests: U.S. Women of Color feminist thought and praxis, the legacy and afterlife of Cuban slavery…

Reshawna Chapple

Assistant Professor of Social Work
Research Interests: Intersectionality and Critical Race Feminism, Deafness and Disability Studies, Social Just…

Ilenia Colón Mendoza

Associate Professor of Art History
Research Interests: Sacred Art and Liturgical Practices; Polychrome and Hyperreal Sculpture; Caribbean and Lat…

Annabelle Conroy

Lecturer, School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs

Lauren De George


Stacey L. DiLiberto

Research Interests: Caribbean women writers; Postcolonial, multicultural, and ethnic literature; Latin America…

Melissa Dodd

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: social media, corporate social responsibility/advocacy, and social capital approaches as…

Anna Eskamani

Member, Florida House of Representatives

Nessette Falu

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: lesbian/trans health and identity, ethics and ethical subjects, gynecology, race and preju…

Patricia Farless

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: U. S. History–19th Century, Constitutional, Legal, Gender…

Ann Gleig

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Asian religions, Asian religions in America, Religion and Psychoanalysis, Religion, Gender…

Kerstin Hamann

Professor of Political Science
Research Interests: Spanish politics, Western European Political Economy, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning…

Christine Hanlon

Instructor of Communication
Research Interests: women in the U.S. military, gender portrayals in advertisements, portrayals of family viol…

C. Keith Harrison, Ed.D.

Research Interests: Sport Business Management…

Shana Harris

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Cultural and medical anthropology; drug use and abuse; global and public health…

Sally Hastings

Associate Professor
Nicholson School of Communication

Research Interests: Communication and Marginalization; bereaved mothers, and marginalization of racial and cul…

Lynell Hodge

Assistant Director
Housing and Residence Life

Research Interests: Secondary trauma, women in leadership, and social justice and advocacy…

Jana Jasinski

Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: Intimate Partner Abuse, Applied Sociology…

Betsy Kalin

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Director/producer/writer; US history, Latina/o studies, urban planning, education, and ethnic studies…

Anna Maria Jones

Research Interests: Victorian literature and culture; science and literature; the Gothic; Victorian periodical…

Amanda Koontz Anthony

Associate Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: social inequalities; gender studies; culture, consumption and authenticity; identities and…

Alla Kourova

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cross-Cultural Projects in Foreign Language Teaching; The Impact of Cultural Awareness on …

Glenn Lewis

Assistant Director, Academic Program Quality, Academic Affairs
Research Interests: Accreditation policies, Intersectionality of LGBT people and spirituality/religion, Social…

Yingru Li

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: socio-environmental disparities and health, childhood obesity, Geographical Information Sy…

Boyd Lindsley

Assistant Director
Nicholson School of Communication

Julia Listengarten

Research Interests: contemporary and avant-garde theatre practices, performance and identity politics, perf…

Kibibi Mack-Shelton

Research Interests: Africana Studies and Black American History…

Amanda Major

Instructional Designer
Research Interests: Women’s Leadership…

Stacey Malaret

Faculty in Student Leadership Development
Research Interests: leadership studies, women in leadership, social change model of leadership, retention…

Abigail Malick

Coordinator /Training Specialist
Research Interests: Title IX, Intimate Partner Violence, Campus Victimization, Bystander Intervention, Prevent…

Holly E McDonald

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: Web-based and Face-to-Face, Theatre instruction and development…

Lisa Mills

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Nonfiction film production, history and theory; media effects; political communication; Fl…

Joanna Mishtal

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Research Interests: Gender and Politics; Reproductive Health, Rights and Policies; Fertility Decline; Feminism…

Olga Molina

Associate Professor
Research Interests: divorce, intimate partner violence, African American and Latino families, mental health, g…

Tracey R. Morrison

Research Interests: Women in Leadership; Women Transitioning from Adolescence into Adulthood; Essential Skills…

Christine Mouton

Faculty in Victim Services
Research Interests: Sexual Violence prevention/bystander intervention…

Elizabeth Mustaine

Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: criminal victimization, risks for victimization, stalking, violence against women…

Leanna Papp

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Research Interests: violence against women, campus sexual violence, feminist theories and methodologies

Shelley M Park

Professor of Philosophy
Research Interests: Critical kinship studies, with an emphasis on non-normative forms of mothering; Precarity…

Yovanna Pineda

Associate Professor
Research Interests: History of Latin America ; History of Argentina; History of Technology ; …

Jonathan Powell

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: international relations and comparative politics, specifically issues related to conflict …

Diane Prather

Faculty in Sociology
Research Interests: Sex and Gender in Society, marriage and family, women’s issues, child abuse, and religio…

Sherry Rankins-Robertson

Chair and Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

Maria Redmon

Senior Instructor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Research Interests: Translation and Interpretation, Business Spanish and Spanish Language for Specific Purpose…

Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Medical anthropology, specifically on the cultural interactions between medical systems an…

Fernando Rivera

Associate Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: My research interests and activities fall under staple areas of sociology…

Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés

Professor of English
Research Interests: Latinx Literature, writing, women writers of color, Emergent American Literature and women…

Jennifer Sandoval

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Embodied communication and identity; Diversity, equity, and inclusion; Communication across…

Sandra Sousa

Associate Professor of Portuguese
Research Interests: Colonialism and post-colonialism;; Portuguese Colonial Literature;; Race relations in Moza…

Sybil St Claire

Associate Lecturer of Theatre
Research Interests: Theatre for Social Change/Applied Theatre, Socially Engaged Art,Happiness Playback Theat…

Mel Stanfill

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Fan Studies; Queer Theory; Race and Gender Studies; Cultural Studies of Law; Media Studies…

Stella C Sung

Pegasus Professor
Research Interests: Music and technology, music and sound design for animation, visual arts and technology, co…

Lindsay Taliaferro

Assistant Professor in College of Medicine
Research Interests: Health of sexual and gender minority youth Non-suicidal self-in…

Maritza Torres

Assistant Director, LEAD Scholars Academy

Charlotte Trinquet du Lys

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Women’s literature of the Early Modern French Era, The relationship between Fairy tale…

Fernando Uribe Romo

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Organic and Inorganic Materials Synthesis

Jeanine Viau

Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Catholicism in America, Christian social ethics, feminist theology, queer studies in religion…

Kimberly Voss

Assistant Professor of Communication
Research Interests: Journalism history, food journalism, advertising history, culinary history, women’s studies

Anjella Warnshuis

Faculty and Vice President, Pride Faculty and Staff Association
Research Interests: Social Justice and Advocacy, Intersectionality of Identification and Civic Engagement…

Keri Watson

Associate Professor of Art History
Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art; American Studies; Disability Studies; Museum Studies; Higher …

Sandra Wheeler

Associate Lecturer of Anthropology
Research Interests: biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, skeletal biology, sex & gender…

Lana Williams

Faculty in Anthropology
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, forensic archaeology, stable isotope analysis, ancient sexuality and healt…

Bruce Wilson

Research Interests: the politics of Central America, the Carribbean, and Latin American countries, comparative…

Sharon Woodill

Research Interests: Feminist Science Studies, Ecofeminism, Feminist Philosophy, Science Religion and Sexuality…

Ying Zhang

University Librarian
Research Interests: Library and information science, religious studies, cross cultural studies, women and gend…