The Studio Art BFA prepares students for professional practices and is recommended for students who plan to attend graduate school. Specializations include book arts, drawing, painting, photography or combined areas in advanced design/sculpture, ceramics/sculpture, drawing/illustration, drawing/painting or drawing/printmaking. Admission into the Studio Art BFA is based on the specialization faculty review of student’s work.

Studio Art majors can pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UCF. Some differences between the B.A. and BFA include:

  • BFA students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in major courses to continue in the program. B.A. students must maintain the 2.0 GPA average that the university as a whole requires
  • BFA students choose one specialization to master. B.A. students choose from multiple specialization areas
  • BFA students must complete a BFA Exhibit/Seminar course

As part of the program, some courses study the form and proportion of the human figure. Nude models are used as reference.

Admission Requirements

Students wanting to pursue the Studio Art BFA program should be enrolled in the Art B.A., Studio track. The Registrar’s Office provides a handout explaining how to change your major online.

  • All students must successfully pass the Studio Art Portfolio Review.
  • Students must complete one upper level course in their specialization before submitting the Studio Art BFA Application and Mentor Agreement.
  • The School faculty in a student’s area of specialization evaluates students desiring to become Studio Art BFA majors via interviews and a review of their body of work. During matriculation towards the BFA faculty will evaluate their work and decide whether or not the student may continue in the program. All Studio Art BFA students are accepted on a “Provisional” status their first semester.
  • Students who are not admitted into the Studio Art BFA program will continue in the Art B.A., Studio track and may repeat the Studio Art BFA application process.
  • Once admitted into the Studio Art BFA program students are required to be supervised by their specialization faculty mentor within the discipline for a minimum of two semesters.
  • Students who do not pass the Studio Art Portfolio review should meet with an SVAD Advisor to discuss their options.
  • C-” (1. 75) or below grades from other institutions do not meet departmental requirements.
Studio Art Portfolio Review


The UCF Undergraduate Catalog provides information about degree requirements and course descriptions.

Degree audits available in MyUCF lists the specific program requirements for your catalog year.

Pegasus Path plans available in MyUCF provide a semesterly class schedule recommendation.

Course descriptions and prerequisites may change.