The History track in our Art B.A. program offers undergraduate students specific knowledge about art and architecture from prehistory to the present.

The curriculum provides a foundation for the understanding of art, in all of its various forms, and encourages the development of visual literacy. Contextual, as well as stylistic approaches, provide exposure to different methodologies involved in the study of visual material. A broad range of courses foster critical thinking, multicultural awareness, and provide art historical skills that lead to an understanding of image making and the power and function of images to prepare for careers in galleries, museums, cultural institutions, archives, art conservation and education. 

As part of the program, some courses study the form and proportion of the human figure. Nude models are used as reference.


The UCF Undergraduate Catalog provides information about degree requirements and course descriptions.

Degree audits available in MyUCF lists the specific program requirements for your catalog year.

Pegasus Path plans available in MyUCF provide a semesterly class schedule recommendation.

Course descriptions and prerequisites may change.

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