Ten Little Unknown Things About UCF

by Sara Thames

As students of UCF, we are barraged on all sides with assignments, commitments, and expenses. The good news is that with the student status comes great and often under-advertised opportunities to take care of yourself as a person. Most tours of UCF cover the dining plan, counseling services and our beautiful RWC, but there are some gems that tend to fly under the radar. Here are ten things you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Free Fresh Produce

Any student has access to free fresh produce grown right here on UCF campus! The Arboretum is not only a great place to get some fresh air, but also home to the UCF community garden. If you volunteer to help raise the crops, you have the opportunity to take some home with you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some fresh spinach with your ramen?

2. Discounted Massages

Does stress have you feeling like that crick in your neck may never leave? Students and staff have access to greatly reduced therapeutic massages through UCF Health Services. There are a wide range of options, ranging from Swedish to Deep Tissue, starting at $30 for students! Call and make an appointment for a relaxing break after class because the licensed massage therapists are located right here on campus in the Counseling building.

3. Personal Training

Have you ever thought about making a plan to get in better physical health? Or considered training towards a specific goal? Students and staff have access to discounted personal training through the RWC. The initial consultation is free, and after that the sessions are about $20. With higher amounts of scheduled sessions the deal gets even better!

4. Rent-a-Pup

At least once a semester a wonderful event graces the lawn in front of the Burnett Honors College. Rent-a-Pup! Students have the opportunity to get some puppy love from local rescue dogs all for the swipe of a student ID.

5. Therapeutic Coloring During Finals

The Café in the main campus bookstore hosts several de-stressing events during finals week. One of them offers free coloring templates to help you refocus and relax. It’s even better with a coffee or soothing hot tea in hand! If you really get hooked, they also sell a wide variety of whole books and coloring utensils.

6. Scuba Diving Certifications

Did you know UCF offered a course to get SCUBA certified? The equipment is available to rent through the RWC and is a three day course that ends with a trip to a spring or ocean dive. The price tag is heftier than most other outdoor events at $275, but if it’s something you have always wanted to do this is the way to go!

7. Entrepreneurial Consulting

For those interested in starting a business, or simply with a great idea that needs some developing there are various established programs available but there are also more informal events held frequently on the first floor of the Student Union. These smaller talks or brainstorms are a great place to get your feet wet if you’re just starting out.

 8. Free Flu Shots

Almost everyone has had the unfortunate experience of catching the flu, and it always seems to happen right before final exams too. A great way to prevent feeling out of commission when you need your energy most is taking advantage of the free flu shots available to all students at the annual Homecoming Health Fair, and through the Health Center.

 9. Couponing 101 Class

As students we have the stigma of being strapped for cash, and living off of ramen. If you are, couponing may be able to help you afford more, and be able to live better! The once monthly seminars occur in the Student Union and offer tips and tricks to become shopping savvy.

 10. Technology Loan

Laptop decide to die the night before a test? Leave your charger at home? UCF Library offers a wide array of devices for loan; you are able to check out the devices with student ID for anywhere from 2 hours to a full week. Don’t panic over technical difficulties; UCF has your back.

If these offerings sound intriguing to you, I encourage you to follow the links below and use the power of your student-hood to its full potential.