Reach Out, Branch Out (Just Don’t Psych Yourself Out)

College is jammed full of exciting opportunities and resources that can benefit both your college and future careers. But it starts with taking that initial step to branch out to find your place not only in your career path, but in the world itself.

Your Work Is Not Your Worth

Time is money. This is a common saying most of us have heard. On the surface, the phrase simply means your time has value. Looking deeper, the saying implies that your time could, and should, be spent making money. Otherwise, you’re losing out on potential earnings. But why should we prioritize money?

Managing Mentally

Trigger Warning. Mental health, as Gen-Z students we hear it all. We know we’re supposed to be taking care of ourselves, we know it’s ok to not be ok. But even though we know and may encourage our friends and loved ones to practice this, when’s the last time we actually lived that.