Lights, Camera, Action

by Mahaillie Griffith

Have you ever dreamed of being in the spotlight? Or maybe you feel more comfortable behind-the-scenes? Whatever your preference, there is a place for you at one of UCF’s newest clubs, Crew Call.

Many students at UCF do not know that the Nicholson School of Communication produces live television shows including Knightly News, Beyond the Credits, Hitting the Field, and ToKnights the Night. All weekly shows are shot with a full cast and crew in The Nicholson School of Communication Studio. When you work on a production with The Nicholson School of Communication, you have access to the software and hardware used on professional productions.

Javier Martinez greets audience before ToKnight’s The Night

UCF student Collin East talks about his experience as a part of ToKnight’s the Night.

It wasn’t until I joined TKTN [ToKnight’s the Night] that I was able to learn first hand how a production is supposed to run. Doing hands on work is the only way to really learn the craft, so I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities the show has given me,” says East.

On these shows, you get hands-on experience editing videos, filming videos, working audio, and more. You also have the opportunity to try something new every week.

Nicholson student Ali Akbari talks about the positions he has held. “ I began working with the audio team and soon rotated into other exciting positions all the way to directing and producing some episodes of the show. The road to gain experience is open if you take initiative and have willingness to challenge yourself in positions you may be scared to try,” says Akbari.

Regardless of your major, you can volunteer to work on these shows. As a B.A. Theatre Studies student, I worked on ToKnights the Night, UCF’s late night talk show, and through networking with production students and working hard to learn about production, I have been fortunate to receive internships for the past three semesters with Skystorm Productions, PBS and MY Entertainment in New York City after only working in production for a little over a year. All cast and crew members that work on these shows are not afraid to teach you what you do not know; East discusses some of the complications that arise during production.

“It should always be kept in mind though, that it is a learning environment for everyone, so complications are to be expected and overcome in a positive manner,” says East.

Members of the shows also want you to feel like you belong no matter where you come from.  “The show was a great place to find community and give people a place to go if they feel like they didn’t fit in anywhere. On this show you could truly find you’re friends,” adds UCF alumnus Jordan Faiella.

UCF’s Crew Call works to integrate all the members of these shows into one big production family. Crew Call’s objectives are to assist these shows with funds, crafty, and community service. Last semester, Crew Call helped host The Nicholson School of Communication’s first telethon “UKnighted Hope for Disaster Relief” and raised $3,000 for Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti and Cuba.

Although Crew Call will be away for Summer 2017, the club will be back in Fall 2017. Check out Crew Call’s Facebook page for more information.  Get ready for a superstar experience!