ENC 1130 is designed to teach students reading and writing skills they need to write successfully in ENC 1101 and other college courses. It is a 3-hour elective course, but does not count toward the Gordon Rule requirement.

In ENC 1130, students focus on themselves as readers and writers, and complete assignments that require them to reflect on their previous reading and writing experiences and identify their individual strengths and weakness as readers and writers. Students learn strategies for addressing the aspects of their reading and writing that need improvement, and engage in extensive planning, drafting, and revision of several short papers.

The pace of ENC 1130 is slower than that of other first-year writing courses at UCF in order to give students the opportunity to gain and practice new reading and writing strategies.

Possible Writing Assignment Sequence

  • Reflection on reading history
  • Reflection on college reading experiences
  • Examination of writing history and current writing practices
  • Short, informal research paper drawing on both student experience and several outside sources
  • Course portfolio with reflection