ENC 1102: Sociocultural Construct for Research Writing

ENC 1102 emphasizes the discipline and community-specific nature of academic and public research writing through sustained, semester-long inquiry projects into topics related to writing, language, literacy, and/or rhetoric. Students learn to ask research questions that matter to specific communities, collect and analyze primary and secondary materials to extend public and academic conversations, refine research findings and continually revisit and extend ideas, and express those ideas across multiple genres and modalities. Through this process, ENC 1102 invites students to contribute to conversations about writing, language, literacy and rhetoric and introduces them to a range of research literacies that they can adapt for future use at UCF and beyond.

ENC 1102 includes an ePortfolio where students demonstrate the course learning outcomes. ePortfolios are also used as a direct measure for programmatic assessment.

ENC 1102: Student Learning Outcomes

Generating Inquiry. Students will be able to generate and explore genuine lines of inquiry related to writing, language, literacy, and/or rhetoric.

Multiple ways of writing. Students will be able to purposefully integrate multimodality, multiple languages, and/or multiliteracies into writing products to support their goals.

Information Literacy. Students will be able to evaluate and act on criteria for relevance, credibility, and ethics when gathering, analyzing, and presenting primary and secondary source materials.

Research Genre Production. Students will be able to produce writing that demonstrates their ability to navigate choices and constraints in a variety of public and/or academic research genres that matter to specific communities.

Contributing Knowledge. Students will be able to draw conclusions based on analysis and interpretation of primary evidence and place that work in conversation with other source materials.

Revision. Students will be able to negotiate differences in and act with intention on feedback from readers when drafting, revising, and editing their writing.

UCF students are required to complete both ENC1101 and ENC1102 with a grade of C- or better in order to fulfill the General Education Program. Questions regarding AP, CLEP, and transfer credit for these courses should be directed to your college’s undergraduate advising office, to the College of Arts and Humanities Student Advising, or to the Office of Undergraduate Studies.