Dr. Kirk St. Amant, a professor of technical communication at Louisiana Technical University, visited our campus in April as a guest speaker to the Texts and Technology Doctoral Program. Below is an excerpt from the interview on Dr. St. Amant’s perspectives of technical communication for the future:

“Understanding how technology consumers access, use, and transform information, via the
exchange economy described earlier, is an essential aspect of technical communication today, and is
guided by script theory. Technical communicators can develop better information, interactions, and
usability by working with and learning local and cultural information consumption scripts. Dr. St.Amant
predicts technical communicators and academics in technical communication will work in increasingly
globalized and interdisciplinary contexts (international health and community outreach for example).
Script theory and critical literacies offer useful theoretical approaches for technical communicators to
bridge changing digital, cultural, interdisciplinary, and contextual information environments in the 21st
century and beyond.”

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