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Women’s and Gender Studies is happy to announce that Daniela Muiño, a junior student minoring in the program, was selected to receive the prestigious $5,000 Hispanic Heritage Scholarship.

Muiño is from Miami, Florida and plans to graduate in 2018. She is very proud of her Latino roots and what it means to receive this recognition. Currently, Muiño is a facilitator with the Young Women Leaders Program and a member of MSC Pride Coalition’s Committee for AY 2014-2015.

“It feels amazing to have been selected for this award, not only because I was recognized as an exceptional student, but also as an exceptional Latina student. It makes me feel like I am exceptional not despite my heritage, but because of my heritage, because of where I come from, and because of who I am. I want everyone who has ever been marginalized by others to feel this way – it’s my ultimate goal in life,” says Muiño.

On becoming an animator, Muiño stated: “I want to reach those who I can’t physically reach and tell them that they can, that they’re beautiful, and that they’re valid, no matter who they are or where they come from. I want to tell the stories that aren’t told, and I want young queer girls and girls of color to find themselves in the media I make for them.” Muiño closed with, “what I’ve learned in this amazing department has given me the knowledge I need to create meaningful work, as well as giving me the courage and support to pursue my lifelong goals.”

The Hispanic Heritage Scholarship is the highest accolade in Orlando for Latino students. The Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund of Metro Orlando, which provided the scholarship, is the largest non-profit organization in Central Florida dedicated to providing scholarships to Hispanic students pursuing a college or university degree. They have a mission to support the college education goals and development of outstanding Hispanic students in Central Florida.

For more information about the award, you can navigate to the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund of Metro Orlando website.