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Bedsider: Free Network for Birth Control is an essential resource providing folks with the many, varied contraception options available. The site provides in-depth information regarding nearly everything one needs to know about the range of birth control options.

Bedsider features a comprehensive chart that compares different birth control options so viewers can find their best fit. Their chart demonstrates the pros and cons of each method, including cost, effectiveness, attainability, and so much more. There is also a page on the website that provides answers to birth control and sex questions; if a particular question is not listed, one can call or email them for specific answers. Another important resource offered by is information about where to receive birth control, emergency contraception, and the locations of local health centers.

Bedsider’s ‘guy’s guide’ to everything features issues related to men and what they need to know about contraception options as well as protection against STD’s/STI’s. Knowledge about birth control options is important for all sexually active individuals, and Bedsider supports young adults through the process of making informed decisions about the options that best fit potentially varied lifestyles.