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miss heard

In 2013, University of Central Florida graduate and Young Women Leaders Program alumnus Lindsey Turnbull created an online space for teenage girls to connect with each other. Miss Heard is designed specifically for girls ages 12-17 to interact, connect, empower, and foster a dynamic girl-positive community.

Their “About” link states their mission best:

“Formed in 2013, MissHeard Media is a space for teen girls to share their stories, make connections with the world and other girls like them, and sharpen their skills. We give girls a platform to elevate their voices and create community. MissHeard Media is unique because we connect girls to the globe, one shared experience at a time, and empower them with tools they need to navigate the world. Founded by a girl-advocate with nearly a decade of experience working with girls on leadership, and backed by a board of teen girls and youth-related professionals, MissHeard aims to break the mold of traditional teen media by focusing on girl-centered and -created content to foster empowered, girl-positive communities. MissHeard is designed for REAL girls between 12 and 17 to bring to life what ignites their curiosity, share what inspires them, and strengthen the skills they use every day! MissHeard Media wants to create a world where all teen girls feel understood, prepared, confident, and most of all, heard.”

Miss Heard encourages girls from around the globe to learn to use their voices, share personal experiences, and connect with others. Miss Heard hosts a blog and publish a print magazine. Each issue focuses on different girl-important topics, including relevant volunteer and activism projects, political issues, popular cultural issues, and so much more.