Orlando, FL October 1, 2018 The LGBT+ Center Orlando (The Center) recently underwent a full renovation and has dedicated wall space for a permanent LGBTQ history installation. The exhibit will be managed by the LGBTQ History Museum of Central Florida, which includes several Texts and Technology faculty and alumni. There will be a rotating display each quarter of the year. The first display, “The History of Orlando’s LGBT+ Center,” will be a retrospect of the 40-year history of The Center. The display is scheduled to open to the public on October 1, with the opening reception scheduled for 5 p.m. October 5, 2018.

The mission of The Center, 946 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, is to promote and empower the LGBT community and its allies through information, education, advocacy and support. “Having a permanent museum located within the walls of our LGBT Center certainly helps us fulfill our mission,” says George Wallace, Executive Director of The Center. He continues, “Of all of the collaborations and partnerships we have established over the past year, this one is particularly exciting for a number of reasons, especially as we move toward the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and the gay rights movement.”

The LGBTQ History Museum of Central Florida’s board member Martha Brenckle says, “It is difficult for young people to learn the history of our community and give them a sense of the rich stories and interesting people that came before them.” She continues, “We hope this permanent installation located inside The Center will serve the entire community so they can see their history, the struggles, the triumphs and all the good and bad that happened along the way.”

Light refreshments will be provided, along with a chance to speak with members of the museum to further discuss the items on display.

Shannon Graves
Director of Operations

[email protected]