Texts and Technology alumnus Tom Cavanaugh was recently recognized for his team’s excellent work in distance learning at UCF by the Sloan Consortium, a higher-education association that promotes online learning.

The award for UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning is one of just a handful of various institutional and individual awards to be presented Oct. 11 at the consortium’s 18th annual conference at Walt Disney World.

“The award is gratifying because it validates that UCF is a leader in creating and delivering online learning,” said Cavanagh, assistant vice president in charge of distributed learning. “While the size of our online initiative is large, this award also confirms that it is of the highest quality.”

Distributed learning impacts curriculum across the university. UCF currently offers 59 completely online programs: 5 undergraduate degrees, 25 graduate degrees, and 29 graduate certificates. These offerings cross six different colleges plus the general undergraduate interdisciplinary studies program.

About 58 percent of the university’s students are enrolled in at least one online course, and in the most recent academic year, more than 32 percent of all student credit hours involved courses with online components.

Cavanagh said the CDL staff is pleased to be recognized with the award, especially because the evaluators are peers from around the country.
“UCF takes online learning seriously and supports it from the highest levels of university administration,” he said.

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