T&T student Jasara Hines presented her paper “Fetishizing Food: Man’s Power over the Age Old Battle with Food” as part of a panel on “Myths of Stardom: Gods and Monsters: The Construction and Influence of Celebrity” at the biennial Film and History Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that took place on September 26-30, 2012.

The 2012 Conference, entitled “Film & Myth,” examined the power of myth in film, television, and other moving-image arts. For some, “myth” refers to a false and perhaps deleterious conception of reality. For others, “myth” refers to a structural reality lurking behind false conceptions. Obviously, “myth” can be either the false or the true, the illusory or the real. And moving-image media—which include film and television as well as newer media streamed from online and mobile sources—have played a starring role in the mythological rendering of our world.