Welcome to the School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) at the University of Central Florida. In SVAD, we immerse our students in an environment that celebrates the fusion of traditional and contemporary art and design forms. Our mission is to harness the power of art to engage the senses, ignite the imagination, and inspire creativity across diverse mediums.

In our school, we provide a comprehensive curriculum tailored to nurture artists and designers of all inclinations. Our studio arts programs span drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture, each designed to refine your technique and expand your creative vocabulary. For those drawn to digital realms, our top-rated programs in graphic design, digital illustration, and animation offer cutting-edge training that prepares you to lead in digital art and emerging media.

We also take pride in our art history courses, which guide students through an exploration of art and architecture from ancient times to the modern era, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of artistic evolution. Our innovative partnership with Valencia College and the University of Florida has created a unique architecture program, the 2+2+2 learning experience, which offers flexibility, affordability, and a thorough educational pathway for tomorrow’s architects.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound: to inspire creativity while grounding our students in the essential elements of art, history, and design. We believe that how you perceive the world shapes your artistic contributions. Our curriculum is designed not just to teach art but to transform your perspective and approach to creation.

Beyond fostering artistic skills, we emphasize the development of organizational abilities, professional communication, and marketing acumen. We prepare our students not only to excel in their craft but also to navigate and succeed in the business aspects of the art world.

Collaboration and community engagement are key components of our educational approach. Our students gain real-world experience through partnerships with both local and national entities, contributing to diverse projects from local community arts to international design initiatives. Our alumni network spans the globe, marking achievements from exhibiting internationally to creating groundbreaking digital art.

In SVAD, we are dedicated to enriching the Central Florida community and beyond, believing in art’s capacity to connect people, provoke dialogue, challenge ideas, and facilitate healing and understanding. We see art as a vital contributor to the economy and a bearer of beauty and innovation in our world.

Join us in the School of Visual Arts and Design at UCF, where your artistic journey can truly flourish and where you can play a pivotal role in advancing the arts in today’s dynamic society.

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Rudy McDaniel, Ph.D.
Director, School of Visual Arts and Design
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