The Florida Prison Education Project provides educational opportunities to incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people in Florida, researches the societal benefits of prison education and integrates the study of justice into the University of Central Florida curriculum by:

  1. Offering college-level courses to those who are incarcerated and providing those who have been released from prison the opportunity to continue their education.
  2. Developing curricular support and engaging UCF faculty and students in prison education and related areas of civic engagement.
  3. Supporting research on prison education, recidivism, and mass incarceration.
  4. Making public policy recommendations based on research.

This graph breaks down the Florida Prison Education Project's curriculum. Florida Prison Education Project is at the top, underneath it's broken down into Service (Continuing Education, Transition Services, Books Behind Bars), Research (Recidivisim, Rehabilitiation, Cost Analysis), Academics (Literary Arts Partnership, Service Learning, Inside Out Program), Policy (Center for Law and Policy, Awareness, Advocacy)