UCF Celebrates the Arts, a festival showcasing creativity, innovation and collaboration from Orlando’s hometown university, occurs annually at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in April. The event is hosted by the UCF College of Arts and Humanities and features the faculty and students from the School of Performing Arts and the School of Visual Arts and Design, as well as work from the humanities departments and other units from around the university. Partnership, one of UCF’s long-standing values, is brought front-and-center at UCF Celebrates the Arts, with many events showcasing the collaborative nature of the university and demonstrating how UCF is both in and of the Central Florida community.

Festival Artwork

The artwork for UCF Celebrates the Arts features the work of conceptual artists Elizabeth/Sidebotham.

Can We Skip To The Good Part, 2017.
Acrylic, cake, frosting, sprinkles, gold leaf, and resin on CNC scrim board, 36 x 36 inches.
Image courtesy of the artist.

Logos incuding UCF, Dr. Phillips Center, Orlando Shakes, WUCF, National Young Composers Challenge, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Orlando Repertory Theatre, OUC The Reliable One, Workscapes, Baker Barrios, Downtown Orlando and SenovvA

Steering Committee

  • Michael Wainstein, chair
  • Gary Brown
  • Hannah Estes
  • Heather Gibson
  • Thomas Harrison
  • Maureen Landgraf
  • Paul Lartonoix
  • Julia Listengarten
  • Scott Lubaroff
  • Claudia Lynch
  • Rudy McDaniel
  • Steven Risko
  • Jeffrey Rupert
  • Azela Santana
  • Bert Scott
  • Debi Starr
  • Keri Watson
  • Krissy Yagel

Production Supervision

Provided by SenovvA

  • James E. Cleveland
  • Amy Hadley
  • Arianna Knapp
  • Lindsay Child

Entertainment Management Students

In partnership with Rosen College of Hospitality Management

  • Thomas Harrison, advisor
  • Layne Altmark*
  • Adys Elejalde*
  • Ashley Edwards*
  • Cecilia Falcon*
  • Ashley Faulkner*
  • Jamie Hugler*
  • Zachary Hyland*
  • Janay Jamison*
  • Lia Korzeniewski*
  • Devon Mitchell*
  • Elizabeth Stought*
  • Sheneil Thomas*
  • Mariana Vivas*

Company Managers

  • James Neal*
  • Anthony Sulvinski*

Stage Managers

  • Claudia Lynch, advisor
  • Brittany Alvord*
  • Danielle Borenstein*
  • Emma Carbone*
  • Lauran Conran*
  • Natalie Hoefling*
  • Sabrina Hutcheson*
  • Natasha Junkermeier*
  • Lauren Koval*
  • Bobby Malke*
  • Madisen McKenzie*
  • Sarah Nicholson*
  • Sophie O’Sullivan*
  • Zachary Perez*
  • Sarah Simone*
  • Sydney Whittaker*
  • Jazlynne Williams*

Marketing & Front-of-House

  • Quwade Bretch*
  • Tanesha Bridenback*
  • Elisa Castillo*
  • Sarah Chaplin*
  • Matthew Dunn
  • Hannah Estes
  • Arielle Feldman*
  • Heather Gibson
  • Kalonte Jackson-Tate*
  • Traveon Olden
  • Bridget Parry*
  • Alexandra Ramey*
  • Melissa Rivera*
  • Steven Risko
  • Germán Salazar*
  • Victoria Weston
  • Krissy Yagel

*denotes UCF student