UCF Celebrates the Arts


April 1-13, 2025

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Inset photos of students demonstrating tableau vivant and student playing violin

One of Central Florida’s favorite cultural traditions celebrates ten years!

UCF Celebrates the Arts is an immersive and dynamic cultural extravaganza that fuses creativity, innovation and community engagement. This annual festival showcases the artistic prowess of UCF’s faculty and students and invites the broader community to enjoy performances, exhibitions, presentations and interactive experiences. With a focus on accessibility, partnership and diverse offerings, UCF Celebrates the Arts is a unique opportunity for the community to experience the creative side of UCF’s innovative spirit.

Fantastic possibilities lie ahead at UCF Celebrates the Arts 2025!

Show Your Support

UCF Celebrates the Arts is committed to keeping all performances and exhibits free or low cost for the community. And with your help, we can do so every year.

About the Festival

UCF Celebrates the Arts is an annual event that serves as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. By bringing together artists and the Central Florida community, we aim to inspire a collective celebration of the arts.

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