College Students

Each semester dozens of college students apply their knowledge of the craft of creative writing to those in our community who may not have the resources or access to writing opportunities. Students often begin working with us through a Service-Learning project required by their teachers, but we have many students who work with us on a volunteer basis.

Most of the students involved in our workshops are English majors; however, we welcome students from all majors. Many of our community partners, especially those who serve children and youth, ask for college students to work as math or science mentors. Other majors, such as business majors, have helped us raise funds, organize campus visits for inner city youths, organize our files, design our website. Hundreds of college freshmen have worked as writing tutors for elementary students.

Professional Writers

Professional writers who work with LAP come from various backgrounds, but all of our writers publish their work in literary journals and are dedicated to giving voice to people in our community.

Our writers provide year-round poetry and storytelling workshops in residential facilities, shelters, and other places where there are people who may not have the resources or access to writing opportunities.

Funding for our professional writers comes from community partners, corporate sponsors, and foundation and private support.

“I had decided for some reason that poems were for the University, but now I understand the importance of poetry in everyday life. I have realized that poetry for children can make reading fun and even heighten comprehension of words. Seeing poetry outside of academia and in the community has broadened my sense of why it is important to create.”

Irene Culican, Spring 2008, UCF student who leads poetry workshops for survivors of domestic violence and at a public school


The Literary Arts Partnership is directed by Laurie Uttich. If you are interested in volunteering or conducting an internship with LAP, contact professor Uttich.