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Department of Philosophy

April 27, 2017
The team from Philosophy is comprised of professors from religious studies, cognitive sciences, and cultural studies. The assignments below highlight the importance of engaging with difficult, disciplinary texts, an awareness of audience, and participating in peer review. What the Buddha DIDN’T Say WAC assignment Shrubsole WAC assignment Final Long Evaluative and Analytical Essay Prompt –…

Integrated Business Program, College of Business

April 20, 2016
Team Comprehensive Strategy Development Project Ghada WAC-Team Leadership-2assignments Integrated Business ProgramManaging Small Business Finances CourseFrank Tamberelli Carlos Valdez Final WAC assignment Team Leadership–2 writing assignments Writing Assignment for a Sales Course Managing Small Business Finances Course Writing Assignment

College of Nursing

January 6, 2016
The writing assignment below was developed by the Spring 2012 WAC Fellows from UCF’s College of Nursing: Victoria Loerzel, Jon Decker, and Patricia Weinstein. The assignment is for the course NUR 3165 Nursing Research and is centered around the idea of scaffolded writing tasks which students complete throughout the semester. The project culminates in the…

Department of History

January 6, 2016
The writing assignments listed below were developed by History faculty Daniel Murphree, Emily Graham, and Scot French, during the spring 2012 WAC Fellows Program. These assignments have two distinguishing features. Firstly, they span the whole history curriculum at UCF, from freshman and sophomore general education survey courses to the upper-level undergraduate courses taken primarily by…

The NanoScience Technology Center

January 6, 2016
Below are several writing assignments developed by faculty from the Nano Science Technology Center During the Fall 2012 WAC Fellows Program. Atoms and Orbitals Low-Stakes Writing Assignment Matter and Interactions 1 Low-Stakes Writing Assignment Matter and Interactions 2 Low-Stakes Writing Assignment Quantum Confinement Low-Stakes Writing Assignment High-Stakes Course Writing Assignment

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

January 6, 2016
The team from Rosen College developed an assignment called “Event Specification Guide,” or “ESG.” ESGs are industry-standard documents used by all hospitality professionals during the planning of events. The ability to write effective ESGs is very important for successful hospitality professionals. The assignments linked below are¬†tied to specific learning outcomes developed by the Rosen team…

Nicholson School of Communication

January 6, 2016
The Research Proposal assignment outlined below was developed by a team of the Nicholson School faculty for the course Communication Research Methods. Research Proposal (pdf)

Film Studies Program, School of Visual Arts and Design

January 6, 2016
The assignments below were developed by Film Studies WAC Fellows Stephen Schlow (department head), Lori Ingle, Andrew Gay, and Lisa Peterson. Also participating was Lisa Mills who could not be a part of the Fellows team, but contributed to the work of the Film Studies team. Film Studies Scaffolded Writing Assignments Writing Assignments for Gen…

Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science

January 6, 2016
The assignments below were¬†developed for mathematics courses by an interdisciplinary team of Arup Guha (Department of Electrical and Engineering and Computer Science) and Ram Mahapatra (Department of Mathematics). This interdisciplinary collaboration was natural because computer scientists need to know math and because mathematicians often find math principles implemented in computer science. The important and interesting…