Refer Students to the UWC

The UWC welcomes faculty to refer students to us for ongoing writing support outside the classroom.

The University Writing Center is most effective when writers make use of tutoring repeatedly over time. Recurring consultations encourage writers and tutors to focus not merely on fixing a single piece of writing, but on developing skills for the next writing task, and the next. When available, a referral allows a student to have a weekly appointment, on the same day, at the same time, with the same writing consultant, for the remainder of the semester. Students will receive notes after each consultation, which they may share with instructors at their discretion.

You can begin the referral process by downloading the referral form. Please meet with your student to identify a few specific writing concerns for the student to focus on at the UWC. The student should then submit the form to Mariana Chao (Trevor Colbourn Hall 109); she will help set up the student’s regular consultation time each week.