Research Question

What are the components of decision making during consultations–and how might tutors learn to make effective decisions?


Communication is influenced by emotions and unconscious decisions, and the direct/indirect dichotomy is oversimplified. Situational leadership complements the judgments tutors make about students’ competence and motivation based on their writing. We can implement these by video recording our sessions, which will increase metacognition. A construct to focus on the decision making process was presented: “Situational Leadership II Model”


Video recording sessions helps us think more about our practice and in different ways.


Watch a recorded video and discuss decision points then rethink about them using the Situational Leadership II Model

Impact on WC

Instead of observation reports, we began video recording and having debriefs instead.

Other Files

Research and Situation Model Diagram

Reference List

Bargh, “Our Unconscious Mind”
Hershey and Blanchard