At the beginning of your appointment time, you’ll come to the UWC and sign in (or, if you’re having an online consultation, you’ll log into the Zoom meeting room via the link the consultant sends to your email five minutes before the appointment start time). If you haven’t worked with a consultant on this writing task before, they will probably begin by asking you a number of questions: about your assignment requirements, about what you’ve done so far, and about what questions or concerns you have, or what specific parts of your paper you want to focus on. The tutor wants to have a better understanding of what you’re working on, and gather information that will help the two of you decide what to prioritize during the consultation. You won’t be able to discuss all aspects of your writing in 30-45 minutes, so they may recommend a few key issues to focus on. After that, the tutor might read part of your paper aloud, or ask you to read it. You’ll discuss key issues, and the consultant might have you do some revising during the consultation so you can practice the strategies you’re talking about. At the end of the consultation, you’ll log out, and your tutor will send you an email that will recap what you did during the session and serve as your “to-do” list for continuing to revise after you leave.