Two Erasures

In a few months another baby will get to the internet

Still sore and broken
after its husband did wrong
betrayed by the woman
the world.


I was secretly hoping
that his eggs made a litter
because the meltdown didn’t happen
there is new news
that years
will soon spit
newborn shit on their hands


To cover that it’s a ‘man’s world’
I’m certain, therefore delighted.


We are expecting a November
named yesterday.


From his yes and into his sound
like the name of a California town


Somebody spiked the table
with fertility.


Either knocked up or out
and now


that grumbling might be Jesse James


It might be America
baking in her.


“In a few months another baby will get to the internet” is an erasure from a blog post on 7/9/14 titled “In A Few Months Another Baby Will Get To Call Robert Downey Jr. ‘Daddy.’


We choose to smile in the face


We choose. We choose to look at time.
We choose fives. We choose zig, else zag.
We choose a lot of things, but,

choose us.


Happiness is enough.


We choose to live—



Your scent, your style: try these fragrances.
Secret escape.


Everything is better with purpose.
Find out why.


An empty box is filled with possibilities
(find the bottom).


This box is full.




Don’t throw it away, it’s too pretty:
a light manufactured by Saint Louis,
owned by
société de produits


or used with permission in a dry place in the USA.


With absolutely everything.


Purpose in 3 simple steps:
Step 1.
Step 2: pour purpose in a box. Refresh.
Step 3: Unwind. Throw some shoes.


You want to worry.

Trust us. You’ll love it.


“We choose to smile in the face” is an erasure from the text on the back of Purina Purpose Clumping Cat Litter 23-pound box.