For Students

The Florida Review is UCF’s national/international print literary magazine, now approaching 52 years of publication. Aquifer: The Florida Review Online was created in 2017 as an interdisciplinary arts journal to supplement the print journal. Both venues publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and graphic narrative. In addition, Aquifer publishes author interviews and book reviews. Since 2012, we’ve also published an annual standalone chapbook in honor of former editor Jeanne Leiby, who passed away in 2011.

Undergraduate Students

  • UCF undergraduate students can join The Florida Review staff through enrollment in CRW 4724: The Florida Review Internship. There are pre-reqs that help ensure you’re ready to comment on professionally written work. This is an open enrollment course.
  • Not a student publication. As an intern, you’ll help with a variety of tasks, and you’ll give your opinions about a portion of the submissions that we receive, but you will not choose the final work that is published in the journal. Those decisions are made by faculty and section editors. If you’re interested in working on UCF’s student literary magazine, check out Cypress Dome, our award-winning student publication.
  • Further opportunities. The UCF English department has recently begun offering an Undergraduate Certificate in Editing & Publishing. CRW 4724 counts (and can count twice) toward this certificate. If you are interested in the publishing world, we highly recommend that you consider this program.

Graduate Students

  • All UCF graduate students enrolled in the MFA Program in Creative Writing have the opportunity to volunteer as Assistant Editors for The Florida Review. Any graduate student interested in this opportunity may contact the magazine’s editor at any time.