Correlation is not causation, but few things correlate more to a mood than rain.


Do people still come down with “a case of the vapors”?


What is weather if not causality in a landscape?


When it rains it pours. How does the Morton Salt Girl maintain her kicky attitude, happy under that umbrella and never bored with life?


Half the idiots in charge of this country don’t even know enough to come in out of the rain.


The Great Plains are basically a desert and thus Nebraska is a fairly dry state. In Lincoln, my Grandpa Boo was obsessed with his rain gauge, and therefore I, too, obsessed became.


Raining cats and dogs may come from the Greek cata doxa, “contrary to experience or belief.” I can’t believe how hard it’s raining!


Swipe a fingertip heart in the misty windowpane.


I hate to be the one to say it, but your parade’s going to get rained on.


Never have I ever been so depressed as when I lived for one year in the Pacific Northwest. It literally always rains and people metaphorically are always taking rainchecks. The Seattle No, I later learned it was termed, aka the Seattle Freeze.


A rain of arrows. Soot and ash raining down. What is life but a rain of blows?


This is the third year in a row that the rains have failed.


A peer-reviewed study found that of all 50 states, Washington ranked 48th for the trait of extraversion.


Gentle rain on the roof is as pleasing as alliteration, day or night, right as rain.


Does rain like being the external correlative of sorrow? Of pain? That feeling of tears going into your ears when you’re lying on your back and crying.


When you listen to “Famous Blue Raincoat,” what shade of blue do you see?


At this point it’d take a meteor shower to get the earth really clean.


Droplets stitch the day with gray silken threads. Come rain or shine, the hits just keep coming.