bye bye

—after “American Pie,” sung by Leslie Cheung, a Cantopop star who died jumping off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong


boys always

haunting the gas


stationed at

the kum & go


come around yelling

happy july, all


these lives you haven’t filled

in all these teeth


a faith so deep you can

die in it, like a boy so


high up he thought the

swimming pool was full


and god willing, he

dived in it. in a


preemptive strike, patriotic, partirons                                                              

and party on! miss 中国


in 中西部,

i dismiss


their existence, a flotilla

with more in common


with a root beer vanilla

concoction than the


spanish armada, though

that too was a whipped


cream loss. dq stands

for disqualification—three


strikes & the cup is half

mosh pit half military


campaign—god is in the

good fizz—& the bottom


(beyond the caffeine &

fresh sugarcane) is concrete.