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When we think about light, it is generally in the context of it projecting through the medium of air. Light reaches onto objects and by its reflection on the surface renders them visible. However, when light projects through the medium of water, it behaves differently. Water acts more like a lens that distorts in a number of ways, bubbles, amplification in size, murkiness, etc. When photography attempts to capture light in the liquid medium it relies on conventions established by the medium of light. The liquidity of light would be a state in which the immaterial of light projecting through water gives it materiality. They both become something else, light becomes a property of the liquid and vice versa: the liquidity of light.


David Foshee


David "Kaleb" Foshee graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Florida. His practice tends to be labor intensive and process oriented, rejecting the ubiquity of today's photography. He addresses themes such as the dichotomy between man and nature, the sublime, and place. The photographic work he does is diverse and encompasses a number of techniques from camera-less, concrete image making to traditional and alternative processes. Foshee currently lives and works in Nashville, TN.