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To My Fellow Submitters

A found poem from sample rejections saved in “My Submissions,”
completed in response to a writing prompt given at
the Sandhill Writers Retreat, May 2019





Our poets’ community is lucky to have you

Good fortune in all your future writing


Cannot offer

We enjoyed having the chance to read

Many excellent entries this year

The team wishes you

We wish each of you the best in finding publishers

All the best


The sweat and the perseverance it takes to put together a submission and send it out, naked

Declined by

Not Selected

A strong and competitive batch

A complimentary copy of this year’s

We regret

We are grateful for your ideas

We encourage you to submit again in the future

We are unable to provide individual feedback



Appreciate the dedication to craft

Thank you for choosing us

Hope that you and your work succeed in finding a home

You’re now one step closer to getting that acceptance you’ve been looking for


In peace and poetry


Carol Ann Moon

Carol Ann Moon is a poet, and a librarian, living in West Central Florida. She has her MFA in Creative Writing from Stetson University, concentrating in Poetry in the Expanded Field. Her work has appeared in The Sandhill Review, Lipstickpartymag, Indiana Voice Journal, and at a Miami bus stop, as part of an O, Miami Poetry Festival Haiku Contest. She is currently working on an erasure project of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass; for a preview, go to YouTube, Interleaving Poets