The Whole Speaks

An experimental documentary about a modern-day blacksmith and wordsmith, Nelms Creekmur. A text excerpt from his novel, NERBO (from the Italian meaning vigor) provides the backbone for the placement of the moving images, which were shot in his workshop in Atlanta.


Video by Caroline Rumley

Text by Nelms Creekmur


This work originally appeared in The Florida Review, Vol. 2018.

Caroline Rumley

Caroline is a multi-modal storyteller who was born in Maiden, North Carolina. She is interested in the visual narrative in its many forms, especially what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “thin-sliced” instance, that brief flash that tells you all you need to know. Her experimental documentaries, videographic criticism, and poetry films have screened in the US and in Europe, most recently at Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, Festival Silencio 2017 in Lisbon, the Indie Cork Ó Bhéal Poetry Film Festival in Cork, and at Kino-Wie-Noch-Nie in Vienna. She works in Atlanta, where she lives with her family, including a tiny pit bull and a cat who thinks he is big.