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Some Mornings

Some mornings are not meant to be peaceful

they are full of tiny battles, body pains, and aches

coffee grounds spilled in the crack of tile

egg shells crushed against your spine


Some mornings are not meant to be hopeful

the sun’s tyrant gaze slips in through the gaps

the ceiling fan is a switchblade to the ear

alley cats scream their war cries to the world


Some mornings are not meant to be calm

the throbbing skull of a night, water-deprived

echoes inside itself, a reminder that the body

desires equilibrium and safety in this storm


No, some mornings are not meant to be peaceful

yet the day moves on, mixing with the night

the truce made since the dawn of time

where worries unwind, where thought dissolves,


where the world is reminded that dreams live

beyond the body and the body is a dream.


Brett Randell

Brett Randell is a writer and yoga-musician based out of Denver, Colorado. He has released four CDs, performed in more than twenty countries, and is currently working on a novel through Lighthouse Writers Workshop as a Book Project Fellow, Class of 2021. Brett's writing has appeared in Stain'd Magazine, South Broadway Ghost Society, Interkors, and The Blue Lake Review.