Our Pool

Our Pool is about the space in-between. Digitizing my family’s VHS collection of home movies was an experience I don’t think I could forget (an experience ironically filled with moments I didn’t remember). Some of the tapes featured family members I had never met or only met once or twice. Others, like this short clip of my mother, father, and siblings in my grandparent’s pool, affectionately labeled “Our Pool,” brought back a swell of memories. One part haunting, another exhilarating; nostalgia meets revelation in the space between screen and memory: boy and girl: self and family.


Josh Corson

Josh Corson is a multi-disciplinary literary artist originally from Tampa, FL. He holds a B.A. in poetry from Columbia College Chicago and an A.S. in sound engineering from Full Sail University. Currently, Josh is an MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Pittsburgh where he is an Arts & Science Graduate Fellow. His honors include a 2018 artist residency with the Atlantic Center for the Arts, a 2017 Honors Research Award from Columbia College Chicago, and a 2016 Elma Stuckey Poetry Prize. His work has appeared in Aquifer:The Florida Review Online, december, Entropy, Ode to the City and others. Josh is also the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Habitat Magazine. Visit joshcorsonmakes.com to see more.