Not Enough


Bryan Wee

Bryan Wee is Associate Professor of Geography & Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver. His scholarship is multidisciplinary and emancipatory in nature, with ties to environmental education, geography and environmental science. Wee’s research and teaching focus on sense of place and the use of visual narratives to validate diverse world views and contexts for learning. The questions he asks deal with cultural factors that shape who we are and how we inhabit spaces. For example, how do social norms frame human-nature relationships? What does this mean for teaching and learning in the context of environmental literacy? He embraces his identities in order to link his (our) humanity to his work, and vice versa. Our struggles and/or triumphs are inextricably tied to our capacities for learning, thus he strives to be wholly present in mind, body and spirit, to develop empathy for learners and the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences. This digital story is a reflection of his efforts to be wholly present in mind, body and spirit within the context of this project.

Wee would like to acknowledge the following: Dr. Marty Otañez, Associate Professor, Dept of Anthropology, University of Colorado Denver for his invaluable contributions, from story conception to conclusion. Project Voyce and all participants, for inspiring this work. Christina Guevara and Andrew Steger: their dedication to learning and to the well-being of others makes our world a better place. Merlin Ariefdjohan, for encouraging him to revisit his past so he can understand the person he is today.