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Like Fireworks, Far Off

As if chrysanthemum fireworks flaring

gold, blue, red—brief, phosphorescent

amoebas throb, pulse. Next, a galaxy

of green stars spins out of existence.

Then, a flurry of supernovas


flare and fade. After, a comet-like

streaking ends in a white flash. All the while,

a far off chorus of oohs and ahs

mingles with some last applause.

Then, for a moment, it seems like dawn.


Nick Conrad

Nick Conrad’s poems have appeared in Badlands, Blast Furnace, Blueline, Clackamas Literary Review, Clarion, Coe Review, The Comstock Review, The Cortland Review, Fourth River, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Kentucky Review, Mayday Magazine, Orbis (UK), Slipstream, Southern Poetry Review, Southword (Ireland), Split Rock Review, Stoneboat, Third Wednesday, Valparaiso Poetry Review, The Wayne Literary Review, West Texas Literary Review, and Wilderness House Literary Review. His first book of poetry, Lake Erie Blues, is due out from Urban Farmhouse Press in the Fall of 2020.