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Into the Sun


Gabriel Schivone and Anna Wieszczyk

Gabriel Schivone, author of "Into the Sun," hails from a career in investigative journalism and nonfiction, as well as fiction and stage drama. He has published widely—and has been quoted by U.S. and international newspapers and magazines, from the New York Times to the Guardian and Le Monde Diplomatique, to Mother Jones and The Nation. He has worked with trade publishers like Prometheus Books, as well as special-interest e-book publishers like Blushing Books. His topical reporting has focused on war and militarism, climate change, and transnational migration.


The Krakow-based graphic artist and letterer of "Into the Sun," Anna Wieszczyk, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 and rapidly developed a hefty track-record of industry credits, from Image’s Popgunanthology series (Vol. 4) to full-length titles published by Archaia (Lucid with Michael McMillian) and Black Mask (God Killer with Matt Pizzolo).