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Night works a dark purple down the loom.

Again, I watch dawn unravel those rows,


a weaving and unweaving no less coy

than Penelope producing her burial shroud.


Please let today end. I am desperate to feel better

and know days will trudge past this point with me in tow.


Sadie Shorr-Parks

Sadie Shorr-Parks is a poet and essayist from Philadelphia. She currently lives in West Virginia where she teaches at Shepherd University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Painted Bride Quarterly, Utne Reader, Witness, Cimarron Review, Appalachian Heritage, Sierra Nevada Review, Blueline, and Lines+Stars, among others. Her books reviews can be found in Los Angeles Review of Books, Iowa Review Blog, and Southern Literary Review. She is the editor of Becoming International: Musings on Studying Abroad in America (Parlor Press).