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Danger Iceberg

These are pages from a book I have been working on from 2003 to the present. This work has slowly revealed itself to be about water, rising water, and human impact on the planet and is part of a larger project called The Sea Museum. The found book that I am altering to make these photomontages was about destroying icebergs, the problem of icebergs, and appears to have been made for children’s education (Danger! Icebergs Ahead! by Lynn Poole and Gray Johnson Poole, Random House, 1961). I’ve always been interested in the absurd, and was feeling a homage to Hanna Hoch, the great Dada artist. I began adding water and related images. I wasn’t working consciously in the beginning, just covering the pages with water. The subject matter feels prescient now, fifteen years in, and I am still altering the book. Like the oceans, this project continues to exist and change.


D. C. Lamothe

D. C. Lamothe was born in the Hudson Valley to a large family. Her father worked at television stations in a humble version of the Mad Men story until her parents went back to the land in a scrappy ancient farmhouse in the valley of Valley Forge Mountain in Pennsylvania. There she learned observation, acute sensory awareness, humility, and an adoration of the natural world. She later studied at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, while simultaneously honing a path into music influenced by the rock club The Khyber Pass in Old City. She performed in a band for eight years, releasing three albums. She is now working on two projects: The Sea Museum, a multifaceted concept that is about water level rise and another group of works merging the sound and visual arts.