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Another Day

—a found poem: Virginia Woolf’s The Waves


I feel the bruised cry of birds in my body

when I wake.


Thinness rushes my pink imperfect heart

and I am cast down at another day—


hands and feet and body.

Here is idleness, brown water, disgrace.


The sun is yellow and laughing

leaves stir and patter across the lawn


and I long for darkness and sleep—

its brass thud, its pirouetting slam.


I lie here and watch the bedroom

harden into night.




Nazifa Islam

Nazifa Islam grew up in Novi, Michigan. Her poems have appeared in Boston Review, Gulf Coast, The Believer, and Beloit Poetry Journal, among other publications, and her poetry collection Searching for a Pulse (2013) was released by Whitepoint Press. She earned her MFA at Oregon State University. You can find her on Twitter @nafoopal.