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Last October my mother clipped out
an article from the New York Times


about why millennials love plants and
I mocked her for the old-fashion. She


sent me a letter every week in the
month of June, although I had since


left the city, because I didn’t
pick up the phone. My mother


writes things on paper that she
would never say out loud. Her


letters read like the Book of Proverbs
and she always doodles on


the envelope. She says things like No I wouldn’t
take care of your cats but if you have babies


then give them to me. I grow older and further
from her portrait of my future


life lived. Too far to see
the disappointment crinkle


on her eye corners. Close
enough to hear a sigh over radio waves.



Yasmina Martin

Yasmina is a poet and historian based in Brooklyn, New York. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Blackberry Mag, Vitni Review, Laurel Review, and West Trade Review, among others. You can find her at yasminamartin.com.