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After Kafka


“After Kafka” is a series of one-panel comics. Each picture is a visual interpretation of one of Kafka’s “shorter stories” from Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories. I first encountered Kafka’s work many years ago and found the reality within it to be strange, ridiculous, absurd, even impossible. Returning to Kafka’s work recently, I had a similar experience. Only this time, I had a strong connection with the unreality of it. Perhaps this is because I am older. Or, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am now sober. Or, quite possibly, it has something to do with the current times. Whatever the reason, engaging with Kafka’s “shorter stories” provided me with pleasure upon pleasure. “After Kafka” is an attempt at honoring Kafka and his irresistible vision.


Peter Witte

Peter Witte‘s work has appeared in numerous literary journals, including comics in The Rumpus and Hobart. He lives in University Park, Maryland.