2019 Pushcart Prize Nominations

We are so excited to announce our 2019 Pushcart Prize Nominations for The Florida Review and Aquifer! Congratulations to the nominees!

Pushcart Prize Nominations for TFR
Amanda Hawkins, “/in the year of salt and death/” (43.1)
Nahal Suzanne Jamir, “That He Had a Father” (43.1)
Jayson Iwen, “Body: Luke & Acts” (43.2)
Hadara Bar-Nadav, “[Your mind is night]” (43.2)
Kass Fleisher, “When They’re Two” (43.2)
Jessica Treadway’s “Infinite Dimensions” (43.2)

Pushcart Prize Nominations for Aquifer
Richard Froude, “Some Trees: An Incidental Elegy”
Trinity Tibe, “Father Tongue”
Luke Johnson, “This is what it looks like, son”
Thomas Barnes, “Delivery”
Afua Ansong, “Things You Left in Accra before Moving to the Bronx”
July Westhale, “Milk Glass Serenade”