Thompson Award

The Arthur W. Thompson Award, memorializing the long-time professor of history at the University of Florida, is presented at the annual meeting of the Florida Historical Society to the author of the most outstanding article published in the FHQ in the previous calendar year. There are no formal nominations for this award. A special committee, selected by the editor of the FHQ, chooses the award recipient. The award carries a stipend of $250 and a plaque of recognition.


Winning Articles:

  • Charles A. Tingley, “Another Invisible Man: Alexander H. Darnes, M.D.,” 94 (Winter 2016): 476-508.
  • John Paul Nuño, “República de Bandidos: Challenges to Emergent Racial Hierarchies in the Florida Borderlands in the Early Nineteenth Century” 94 (Fall 2015): 192-221.
  • Matthew J. Clavin, “An ‘Underground Railway’ to Pensacola and the Impending Crisis over Slavery” 92 (Spring 2014): 685-713.
  • Andrew Fairbanks, Jennifer Wunderlich, and Christopher Meindl, “Talking Trash: a short history of solid waste management in Florida,” 91 (Spring 2013): 526-557.
  • Florence M. Turcotte, “Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the Florida Environment,” 90 (Spring 2012): 488-504.
  • Rebecca Sharpless, “The Servants and Mrs. Rawlings: Martha Mickens and African American Life at Cross Creek,” 89 (Spring 2011): 500-530
  • Nicole C. Cox, “Selling Seduction: Women and Feminine Nature in 1920s Florida Advertising,” 89 (Fall 2010): 186-209.
  • Kevin Kokomoor, “A Re-assessment of Seminoles, Africans, and Slavery on the Florida Frontier,” 88 (Fall 2009): 209-236.
  • Amy Foster, “The Gendered Anniversary: The Story of America’s Women Astronauts,” 88 (Fall 2008): 150-172.
  • Eric Jarvis, “A Plague in Paradise: Public Health and Public Relations During the 1962 Encephalitis Epidemic in St. Petersburg” 85 (Spring 2007): 371-397.
  • Elna C. Green, “Hidden in Plain View: Eugene Poulnot and the History of Southern Radicalism” 84 (Winter 2006): 349-382.
  • Larry R. Youngs, “The Sporting Set Winters in Florida: Fertile Ground for the Leisure Revolution, 1870-1930” 84 (Summer 2005): 57-78.
  • Stuart B. Schwartz, “Hurricanes and the Shaping of Circum-Caribbean Societies” 83 (Spring 2005): 381-409.
  • Thomas A. Castillo, “Miami’s Hidden Labor History” 82 (Spring 2004): 438-467
  • Stuart B. Schwartz, “Hurricanes and the Shaping of Circum-Caribbean Societies,” 83 (Spring 2005): 381-409
  • Daniel Murphree, “Constructing Indians in the Colonial Floridas: Origins of European-Floridian Identity, 1513-1573” 81 (Fall 2002): 133-154.
  • Randy Sanders, Jr., “Rassling a Governor: Defiance, Desegregation, Claude Kirk, and the Politics of Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy” 80 (Winter 2002): 332-359.
  • Lee Irby, “Taking Out the Trailer Trash: The Battle Over Mobile Homes in St. Petersburg, Florida” 79 (Fall 2000): 181-200.